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Meridian - The highest point or state of consciousness and enlightenment achievable by a human.

Mark - A stamp or other indication of provenance, quality etc.

By pairing these two words and definitions we have created The Meridian Mark, which we define as the highest level of quality achievable and the constant challenge to improve our service to our clients and their businesses.

We aim for the Meridian Mark in every area of our business

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Why use Meridian Mark Language Services?

Because poor translation has a price.
In the world of global communication you truly get what you pay for. Often the very specialized service of professional translation is treated like a commodity. You can always find a lower price for a translation project but what does that get you?

What’s at stake with poor translation? Perhaps your company’s reputation. Maybe revenue lost due to lost sales and opportunity. Or even legal liability and the risk of injury due to misleading labels or instructions.

Meridian Mark Language Services understands that each translation project has multiple variables that affect the desired result. For this reason we custom build a translation plan for each project. For example, an internal memorandum may only require a translator and an editor while advertising copy for a new drug may require a team of five professional linguistic specialists.

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Because Project Management is a discipline, not an accident.
Any good process is only as good as the person running it. We hire and train only the finest project managers available with the goal of making your life easier. All our project managers either have achieved, or are training for, their Project Management Profession (PMP) accreditation. For more information on the rigors of PMP certification go to www.pmi.org.

We utilize the most advanced software tools to assist our project managers and leverage linguistic assets in a way that saves money and provides consistency of message.

Our quality process is based on standards outlined by the ASTM (ASTM F2575-06 (Best Practices for Quality Assurance in Translation), the most reputable quality standard built for the translation industry.

Your project manager will act as a single point of contact and accountability for every phase of translation management. We will keep you as informed or involved in the process as you want, providing reporting and updates based on your requirements.

Because quality is so important, we continue to manage the process to include client side review and work with your team until they are 100% satisfied with the results. In fact, we even handle desktop publishing returning your translated work in the original format and layout.

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Because three years of High School Spanish does not make you an expert.
We select the finest language service providers with an uncompromising process that includes a review of their resume, sample work and references, an intricate interview process, and specialized testing.

Each partner is constantly assessed with a system of internal, external, and client performance reviews. When a global partner maintains an average score of 90% of perfection they receive The Meridian Mark, a designation of distinction. Assignment of work is driven by these scores and the project needs. For translation, we work with college-degreed, native-speaking linguists with subject matter expertise.

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Because Client Service is core to everything we do.
Our goal is to create a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership with every client we service with the common goal of delivering the finest language services available. We understand the value our clients represent over time. We guarantee our work and will invest in each client’s satisfaction.

We respect your brand and believe that any translation project begins with understanding of style guides and product and industry-specific glossaries.

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