Global Information Management -
We provide our best solutions when we have the opportunity to fully assess your global communication needs. Through a series of interviews both on site and on line we identify the unique communication challenges faced by each division. Then we present a custom global information plan designed to reduce real costs and maximize efficiencies across the entire enterprise. We recommend the proper balance of internal and external resources and centralize linguistic assets to ensure consistency of message and fully leverage translation memory across disciplines.

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Translation Services -
We provide fast, accurate, and professional translation to over 100 languages and can easily extract text from over seventy different file types including – Framemaker, Indesign, Illustrator, HTML, XML, Java, PageMaker, Quark, and Microsoft Office products.

Because every translation project is unique, we develop a translation management plan for each considering factors like target audience scope and size and whether the document in question is for-information (An internal memo) or for-publication (Marketing copy).

Once parameters and guidelines for translation are set, we compile a team of professional linguists selected not only for their expertise in the target language but also for their knowledge of the subject matter to be translated. Depending on budget, the complexity of the project, and available client-side review, this team will involve no less than two linguists to deliver the finished product.

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Web Site Localization - Our team of engineers can not only translate your web site but also ensure that code and copy are localized to reflect your target culture and increase success with foreign search engines.

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Multi-Lingual Desktop Publishing - Did you know that Chinese and Japanese have very different rules than Western Languages regarding the break in a line of text? Did you know that some languages of the former Soviet Union can be written in either Latin, Cyrillic, or Arabic script, each with a different social or political connotation? Did you know that Hebrew and Arabic are written and laid out from right to left?

Translation has a serious impact on the layout of a document. We save our clients time and money, and protect their reputations, by providing multi-lingual desk top publishing to return the finished translated copy in a publication ready file that is both stylish and culturally significant.

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Linguistic Asset Management – We are a centralized source for managing all of your global information needs giving you with the ability to leverage across departments and business units for maximum costs savings and consistency of quality and delivery.

Advanced translation memory tools ensure that we reflect a consistent message of brand and image in every aspect of your global enterprise. Using these tools we can leverage your previously translated assets representing up to a 70% discount on service costs. In fact, we create a reference library for all source and target files for easy recall, re-writes, updates, and future reference.

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Interpretation Services - Meridian Mark Language Services offers a variety of services to assist our clients in communicating verbally with their foreign and ethnic associates.

Over-The- Phone Language Interpretation –
On-demand assistance with over 150 languages by simply calling a toll free number and entering your access code. We’ll put you in touch with trained interpreters with a native level mastery of both English and your target language as well as natural familiarity with both cultures.

On-site Interpretation –
At times you need an interpreter on site to guide you through more challenging scenarios. Call us to set up an appointment with an interpreter who will remain by your side offering cultural guidance as well as expert interpretation.
Professional Interpreters are useful in many environments including -

  • Conferences
  • Video Conferencing
  • Client Meetings
  • Employee Interviews
  • International Sales Trips
  • Employee and product training sessions
  • Healthcare
  • Arbitrations /Depositions / Court Hearings
  • Social Service

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Meridian Mark Language Services translates to and from the following languages and their many variations.